Men’s Spring/Summer 2016 Jewelry – It’s all about making a Statement!

Posted: Jul 16 2015

Next season, we will see less jewelry for Men but that didn’t stop some high profile designers like Givenchy and Gucci to feature statement necklaces and overcrowded arm parties. The arm party will still be a staple, in my opinion, in menswear as men are not as brave as women when it comes to accessories. Hopefully, with this focus on hipsters and millenials more and more men will step outside of the box and find the courage to wear over the top jewelry and accessories! Time will tell!
givenchy ss16 mens jewelry styleGivenchy SS2016 sent men down the runways with tailored casual gear. Love this oversize key ring. In all honesty, I don’t even think women would easily grasp this trend either. A girl can dream!!


Givenchy SS2016 mens style

A chunky bike chain link is always sexy especially if he’s wearing Givenchy! lol!

givenchy ss 16 mens syle jesus

Printed Jesus handkerchiefs and clothes paraded down Givenchy’s runway for Spring. It’s daring using religious symbols these days since everyone always has something to say about it! Too many politically correct people out there! Love this mix – its edgy and thought provoking, as fashion should be!

givenchy ss 16  mens style jewelry

Givenchy Photos by Gianni Pucci

Starry jeans are not for the contemporary man but the man who wears Givenchy is not really conventional. The saddle clasped leather bracelet is a classic, along with the belt – perhaps they are looking for an SM feel with the naked torso. It works for me!


gucci ss 16 mens style

Gucci with new creative director Alessandro Michele brought the 70s meets the 90s grunge back in a big way for Spring. To be perfectly honest, I was a fan of Frida Giannini as the Gucci creative director but I guess they are looking to tap the younger market.  I don’t particularly like this new (or recycled) trend – it’s not sexy and quite frankly ugly but this is only my opinion.

gucci ss 16 floral mens style arm party

More Gucci for you. These pyjama suits are horrendous but hey if someone out there likes this, so be it! The mix of embroidered leather bracelets and the mish mash of rings don’t sit well with me but fashion is personal

KTZ SS2016 futuristic mens style jewelry

KTZ’s look is very modern and futuristic. I’m slowly becoming a fan of this collection for women and men because it’s a collection that seeks to be unique and set itself apart from the regular brands. The heavy chain with wrench pendant is cool!

lanvin ss 16 gold medallion

Gold and silver disc pendants strutted down the Lanvin runways. Small but significant, these eternal symbols stand out against the dark monochromatic suits. And Lanvin can do no wrong in my eyes!!! Lol!!!

prada clutch ss16 mens

Wanted to include this Prada clutch for men – it’s aways the typical messenger bag, briefcase or duffel bag for them. Inspired by the women’s clutch, this pineapple printed laptop bag is stylish and actually useful.


Versace Mens Jewelry simple chain

Versace’s simple chain with charms is somewhat similar to last season’s look but if it works for them, why change what’s a good seller! I look forward to more men wearing chains around their necks. Women need to be encouraging their men to wear more bijoux!


versace s16 headscarf mens style

Not sure about the scarf wrapped around the head unless you are walking in the desert but you probably wouldn’t be wearing this black leather moto jacket in the Sahara. A gold simple pendant is easy and understated enough to complement any look.


vivienne westwood ph yannis vlamos

This Vivienne Westwood look is not at all appealing maybe because he’s ultra skinny or maybe it’s the crop top that’s killing me or the printed clogs or the…. I’m here to discuss jewelry and the spiky necklace is pretty cool!

Dior Grunge Jewelry Mens

Saint Laurent is at the end of the post because since Raf Simons took control, I’ve been underwhelmed by this brand even though since he has taken over their sales have increased dramatically. For me, this 70’s, 90’s grunge look is just so overrated. It’s not original. It’s not Yves Saint Laurent. And the single earring on him is not working for me.


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